First, let me apologize for missing last week's post.  

Second, let me apologize that for this week (and perhaps future weeks) this is all I have for you.

Third, let me give you a brief update that will help explain this dereliction of duty.  Ever since it's inception, this blog has been something I did on the side. 

Unfortunately, I learned on May 14th of this year that I was being let go from the university where I had worked as an academic librarian for about 9 years.  Since that time, I've found myself in a bit of a fog....having to pack up and get out, having to start the job hunt, having to break the news to our early teen children that we'll almost certainly have to leave the only home they've got much memory of.  

To be honest, I just don't have it in me to blog about comics right now.  If you are the praying sort, I'd greatly appreciate you sending up a few words on our behalf that some better doors will open (and soon)!  
I hope that this isn't the last post I ever make on this blog, but it might be.  At the very least, posting is probably going to get a lot more sporadic until I can get my feet underneath me again.  

Thanks for everything, guys!