The Comeback

After a hiatus of over a year, I'm ready to renew posting here at the ole Spring Road Super Review!  First, let me say a special "thank you" to all my readers and friends who kept our family in your prayers.  It was a BIG help.  

Last summer I landed a position that allowed me to continue supporting my family, but required moving (literally) 1,000 miles away.  While our initial plans were to sell the house and move everyone out there, for a variety of reasons that did not work out.  I began searching for another position and was recently able to secure another position, with higher pay and greater job security within commuting distance of our home.  To say we're thankful would be an understatement!

That's really all for now.  Next week we'll resume our foray through the Golden Age publishing history of Midnight with Smash Comics #68.  See you then!