Bialy Orzhel (White Eagle)

Beginning today, our series on the Wanderers is going on hold.  I'm out of the country on a mission trip with my fam, so I thought it would be nice to fill in these weeks with posts on superheroes from my temporary host country:  Poland!

Today's post covers the relatively new superhero Bialy Orzhel (White Eagle)

Alex Poniatowski follows in the mold of wealthy powerful men who become superheroes (e.g., Bruce Wayne, Tony Stark, etc.)  In this case, however, it's more of a Tony Stark meets Steve Rogers (or Bruce Wayne meets Victor Stone) experience.  Alex falls out of an office building, suffers tremendous injuries and goes into a three year coma.

When he finally wakes up, it takes experimental interventions by his scientist father Karol to help Alex's body overcome paralysis.  In the process, Alex gets several other abilities as well (thought I'm not clear on how many of these result from a serum and how many are the effects of external tech (a la Iron Man).

From one source or another, the White Eagle ends up with super stamina, strength, flight, and apparently some special gadgetry.

Honestly, dear reader, I know next to nothing about the White Eagle.  What I do know, is that I'm a fan of independent comic creators...and I'm a fan of seeing superhero culture spread around the world and pop up in other places.  I have a lot of respect for the Polish people, and I'm reflexively very interested in their first home-grown superhero.

If you are as well, and you'd like to purchase a copy of White Eagle for yourself, you can do so at the Wizuale company website:

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